Ashley B
North Campus

Please pray as I enter into a temporary needs hearing in the next couple of months for my divorce. With Covid still lingering, everything has been very slow and I'm in need of changes desperately.

Nov-18 / last prayer 28h ago
Hodges Campus

Please pray for my Heath and spiritual walk with Lord

Nov-12 / last prayer 28h ago
Hodges Campus

Please pray for my Mother who is not doing well following a broken hip.

Nov-10 / last prayer 28h ago
Hodges Campus

Please pray for recovery and healing for Scott’s lasik eye surgery

Nov-15 / last prayer 2d ago
Diane Engelhardt
Hodges Campus

Pray and fast for the Supreme Court hearing of the Mississippi abortion case. We need God’s intervention that He be glorified in the fight against abortion. May the justices rule God’s truth.

Nov-30 / last prayer 28h ago
Melanie Mentzer
North Campus

Please pray as my mom begins radiation treatment on Tuesday as a result of thyroid cancer removal this summer. Praising God for a successful surgery and treatment thus far!

Nov-07 / last prayer 28h ago
Hodges Campus

Please pray for healing for Livy, who is three

Nov-19 / last prayer 28h ago
Hodges Campus

Praise baby Josie was born on her mom’s birthday 11/2! Baby and mom both healthy and doing well. Thank you all!

Nov-04 / last rejoice 28h ago
Heather Browne & family
Hodges Campus

for Heather Browne & family upon the death of her grandfather Harry Edwards

Nov-21 / last prayer 28h ago
Usha Reifsnider
Hodges Campus

Please prayer for my role as diaspora mission representative at Lausanne Europe Gathering from 17th to 20th November. See link below (url-removed)

Nov-14 / last prayer 11d ago
John Harris
Hodges Campus

Please for John’s complete healing as he battles cancer.

Nov-27 / last prayer 28h ago
Jeanine Higdon

Please pray for Jeanine Higdon as she recovers from back surgery.

Nov-14 / last prayer 28h ago
The Denton Family
Southside Campus

Please pray for this time of transition for our family. We are in the process of selling our house and will be moving next year on military orders. Prayers that we continue to feel God's love and peac

Nov-23 / last prayer 28h ago
North Campus

Pray for my friend Stacey, she has had CF for many years but a few months ago while visiting in KY, had some medical issues that turned into Pneumonia and lung infection....she is still there fighting

Nov-07 / last prayer 28h ago
Usha Reifsnider
Hodges Campus

Lausanne Europe was a huge success. We expected 800 delegates, but over 1000 attended. More than 5000 watched from national gatherings around Europe. Thanks for parying

Nov-21 / last rejoice 28h ago